Who we are

Welcome to Foreststech Logistics Solutions Inc (FTLS)! We are a leading provider of comprehensive fulfillment, retail distribution, ecommerce delivery, and warehousing and distribution solutions. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and operational excellence, FTLS is your trusted partner for all your supply chain needs.


Our range of services support key stages of your supply chain process, especially in the crucial Final Mile. While our main area of Supply Chain focus is on the Final Mile, we have dedicated teams that service First Mile and Mid Mile requirements.

From your warehouse to ours, our warehouse to your distribution centre, or your distribution centre to the home of your customer, you can deal with one team throughout to minimize potential points of failure. Each service is geared around helping you grow your business to meet the varied demands of your customers.

E-Commerce Delivery

Our team prides itself on trusted and tested customer service, professionalism and the ability to adopt your brand guidelines in order to leave your customers with a positive delivery experience — one they’ll associate with your product and your brand.

Warehousing & Distribution

Our warehouses are located throughout major urban and rural centres to get your freight where it needs to go as quickly as possible — regardless of location.

Retail Distribution

Making sure that products are able to reach your store shelves requires ongoing awareness of inventory levels and purchasing trends so that future needs can be accurately predicted and catered to. We take an eagle-eyed approach to allow for total visibility of the supply chain and ongoing inventory


Being able to efficiently and effectively fulfill online orders requires an agile, flexible approach—one that can respond to shifts in customer need, as well as your own unique circumstances. Our unique blend of lean processes and advanced IT systems produce very real and quantifiable value for clients.

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Foreststech Logistics

Learn more about how we make the difference in delivery processes. Contact us to get more information on how GO Logistics is the right solution for your freight needs.